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Club 1927


Take the role of a ruthless gangster or crooked cop in the fictional city of "New Reading" and join us for a day of pulpy fun.

New Reading is a major industrial city in the north east of the USA well situated on a fork in the Kennet river. Two years ago the ‘27 Accord was agreed upon by the rival gangs of New Reading after a period of intense gang warfare. This accord was signed in the Club 1927 speakeasy which has been considered neutral territory ever since.

Not everyone was happy with the Accord, and cracks are starting to show. As long as no one rocks the boat maybe it will hold together…

"Club 1927" is a megagame for up to 49 players that follows the fates of the gangsters, criminals and cops of New Reading during the final year of the golden age of prohibition.​

Players will be running speakeasies and collecting protection money, robbing banks and smuggling contraband, starting street brawls and performing drive bys. Meanwhile the cops will be collecting evidence, raiding buildings and maybe taking the occasional bribe.

Everything's falling apart, but before it does... are you creating a legacy, keeping the peace or just trying to get ahead? The roaring twenties are coming to a close and not everyone is going to come out of them smelling of roses.

NB: This game is only suitable for adult players (18+).

A Megagame of Gangsters, Cops and Ambition...

Quaker Meeting House, Reading

21 September, 2024

Designed by John Keyworth

"No person shall on or after the date when the eighteenth amendment to the Constitution of the United States goes into effect, manufacture, sell, barter, transport, import, export, deliver, furnish or possess any intoxicating liquor except as authorized in this Act, and all the provisions of this Act shall be liberally construed to the end that the use of intoxicating liquor as a beverage may be prevented."

The Volstead Act (October 28, 1919)

“Nothing like it had happened before. An entire industry – one of the most important in the country – had been gifted by the government to the gangsters.”

Mike Dash, The First Family (2009)

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