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St Luke's Parish Hall, Reading

18th March, 2023

Design by John Keyworth, Patrick Rose and Holly Walls

"There's an epidemic of Green Fingers, the hospital porters are demanding more mana, and the head nurse keeps turning into a cat. Just another day in the world's premier magical hospital."

Research ancient magical secrets, embark on quests for rare herbs, or balance the departmental budget - then head home to your magical commune to plan the next community celebration. Fae's Anatomy is a relatively co-operative megagame with strong elements of resource management, creativity, and communication.

You will effectively be part of two teams - your hospital department, and your home commune - with minimal overlap between the two. Work with your commune to ensure your department's needs are supplied - but make sure your contributions are recognised! While the communes generally get along well, there's plenty of room for friendly one-upmanship between them.

"Other than that, it should be quite a quiet, peaceful day. The Magical Research Department says something strange is happening with the leylines, but it's probably nothing to worry about..."

Fae's Anatomy


Photographs by Patrick Rose, from the Sheffield run in 2022.

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